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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Tinted with Double Denim

Hey loves,

How's everything going on? Well, it's the time of the year where you are busy running up and down for admissions. Sigh! It's so tiring. I have to wake up early to go to college for my certificates and forms. I decided to take BMM it's going to be a pain in the ass with all the assignments but I am down for this.

After all the procrastination I decided to go for a shoot today. It's actually for my youtube channel but I clicked some pictures for my blog as well. So stay tuned for the youtube video.

Off Shoulder: Romwe | Jeans: Na-kd | Bag: Lamoda | Boots: Public Desire | Aviators: Misspap | Neckerchief: H&M | Denim Jacket: Romwe

Well, that's all for today. Thank you so much for stopping by.

love you and lots of kisses,
Angelina x

Monday, 12 June 2017

Hold Sway Over

Hey my loves, TRUST me it was kind of uncomfortable seeing a lot of people stopping their cars just to see what's happening because of this outfit haha.
 I was so surprised the manager of the store didn't say anything while I was shooting right outside his store instead he smiled and said you look Good. Pretty amazing day huh?
I believe in wearing anything you want as long as you are comfortable in it and will be able to walk in it with confidence.I have seen a lot of international fashion influencers wearing this and I wanted to see myself in this as well.
Of course this is not the Fenty x Puma's Side Popper Trousers by Rihanna's Side Popper Trousers. That's for $140 which is like 9000 in Indian rupees. The one that I am wearing is a dupe from this amazing site called Misspap and it's for 2800 rupees.
Don't be scared to try new things. Aways experiment and you'll learn a lot .

Side Popper Trousers: Misspap | Boots: Simmi | Crop Top: H&M | Red Tinted Aviator's: Misspap | Fishnet Stockings: Misspap 

Photograper : Tanishq Gond [ instagram: @tanishqgond ]

Much love,
Angelina xx
Tuesday, 6 June 2017

SnobBox X Angelina

Hello my loves, So today i'll be sharing 4 outfits that I styled with the help of SnobBox. You must be wondering what is SnobBox?

SnobBox is a site where you can get styled by different stylist. They let you discover great Clothes and Accessories that are perfect for you without having to go shopping. They send you a couple of outfits from different brands without charging and you get to keep whatever you like and pay only for those selected items. You can return the items you don't like.

 Here are the 4 outfits I got to pick.


Outfit and accessories : SnobBox
Boots : Simmi


Outfit and Accessories : SnobBox
Boots : Public Desire    


Outfit and Accessories : SnobBox
Flats : EGO


Outfit and accessories : SnobBox
loafers : Simmi

Photographer : Yohaan 


Monday, 5 June 2017

Off Shoulder Meeting

Hello my loves, I must say that wearing this outfit did catch a lot of attention.
 I wore this outfit for a meeting with Aer Media. It was obviously humid because it is Mumbai after all, a place where you'll never see Winter. I miss home during Decembers because I get to wear all my warm clothes, my fuzzy socks, of course boots and coats.

 Since I had a meeting I decided to wear something formal yet casual. Layered it by wearing this off shoulder top from Simplee with this Dungarees from StalkBuyLove. I Accessorised it with this cute pair of sunglasses from ZeroUv and my Forever21 sling bag
A lot of you have been asking if my shoes are Gucci and nope its not Gucci, your girl is broke to get that haha. I got these dupes from Linzi. They have pretty good shoes and it's very inexpensive. I'd highly recommend if you want to stay Boujee in a Budget.

All my Accessories are from Forever21

Forever21 has a lot of cute accessories at affordable prices. So girl, you know what to do. Go and get it if you want to look cute and super EXTRAAA!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

love you,
Angelina x

Back at it

Hello my loves, Been M.I.A for so long now I was busy with college, exams and some traveling and I got sunburnt just on my nose and upper lips ugh! Well, I am back now and I will be posting a lot of blog posts from now on since I got a new blog and renovated everything, all thanks to my brother and my friend Kangkan. anyway, How are you all? ahhhh! It's humid here in Mumbai, can't even stand out for a min was at home for the past few weeks because of the tan. Binged watching wizards of waverly place again, a lot of movies and yes YOUTUBE! okay I know I had been MIA from youtube as well, I am coming back with more youtube videos mostly about fashion.

  Anyway, I just want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me through thick and thin. you all have been a great inspiration to me, my real motivator and my backbone. You are all equally important to me. So Thankful for all my 45,000 sweethearts.


Top - Windsor
Shorts - Shein
Sneakers - Topcrop (Gelina)
Sling Bag - Forever21
Sunglasses - ZeroUv

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